Simulation Meeting February 20 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakib, Chandan


Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Dustin, Wouter, Cameron,


  • Dustin sends the geometry for shower-max design to match the new ring 5 size.
  • Micheal wanted to know the procedure for signal background deconvolution. Yuxiang did the initial analysis and Ciprian can run the scripts to redo the analysis.
  • Background update by Sakib:
    • Deconvolution summary: with the new segmented design we still have higher uncertainty on ep elastic and inelastic background where we have about 60% error now but we need below 20%.
    • The new segmented design shifts background peaks so tiles need to adjust for the offsets in radial.
    • Sakib and Ciprian will try to optimize the ring design and radial detector sizes.
    • Sakib has a script that shows the origins of backgrounds and absolute rates. It gives us a better picture of where backgrounds are coming. He will add neutron rates separately.
    • Raster correlations definition in physics generators were not included but it's in the beam generator.
    • We will have more statistics for the background next week.

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