Simulation Meeting August 31 2023 11AM ET

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  1. Go over current simulation tasks
    1. Previous list:



  • UVA:
    • Prakash: a survey of background usual tabulation of background, Sakib: coil dose near col-5 or modification to coil shield
    • Eric: ferromagnetic study, improve the workflow so others can run the study
  • SBU:
    • Jhih-Ying; Fluka simulation to get local activation
    • Zuhal: Al/Be exit window simulation working with Ciprian first study is how Al exit window background affects the deconvolution
  • VaTech
    • Devi: Simulation for halo monitor and work on engineering needs for this project
  • Manitoba
    • Coil dose: Sakib
  • Be Vacuum window simulation project needs help
  • From June 2023: General discussion on possible topics of interest in near term
    • GEM coverage for tracks to R1 (probably no coverage) and R2. We'd like to know how well we can look at illumination of these monitors
    • Detector response studies
      • Wedge response in optical simulation. Important for deconvolution, can be studied later but would be timely now to prepare for probable beam test in September
      • Funnel background - same. Blackened quartz might be used in upcoming beam test, it would be helpful to have a simulation guide to plan.