Simulation Meeting April 11 2022 10AM ET

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  1. Software update: Tape backup subsystem directories
    1. location /mss/halla/moller12gev/simulation
    2. Each separate simulation project would use a sub-directory within it



  • Link in the presentation and spreadsheet listing simulation output location in MSS
    • Include the root script used, at least include major scripts to reproduce the results
    • G4 and github version
  • Finalized simulation outputs shown in presentation then keep an update on the spreadsheet
  • Adding a label doc-db if there is simulation archive Paul’s idea, There is a simBackup label in moller docdb created by Ciprian
  • It is good to backup milestone simulation results
  • Naming conventions for backup root files may include sub-directory to match study name, person etc.
  • Do we save g4 version and git version in the root files?
  • Small files are not stored efficiently, so better to make compressed tar files and store in the tapes for instances where one needs to same scripts and other text files
  • We estimated how much storage we need and if we run out we may need to purchase more
  • Check volatile disk usage: It seems like we are at the limit so expect some files to get removed

Better practices for major milestone simulation outputs

  1. Include following information in the final presentation: location of the root files backed up in the MSS tape system, location of the scripts utilized for the analysis (github or tape location), G4 and git versions (this information is already included in the root output,
  2. Upload the presentation to doc-db and include the doc-dco label simBackup
  3. Naming conventions for backup root files: Include the output root files under the subsystem/group directory and provide a name to match study, owner and geometry information
  4. There is a suggestion to keep a master spreadsheet with all the simulation output entries but due fragmented work going on it will not be easy. For now we will keep a spreadsheet for results shown in the simulation meeting

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