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How to Setup Virtual Machine for Workshop Hands-On Training

  1. Download and install the VirtualBox Manager VirtualBox
  2. Download Virtual Machine (11 GB)
  3. Start the VirtualBox Manager application and from the File menu select Import Appliance
  4. Select the Virtual Machine file MOLLER_VM_5_2023.ova from the file browser
  5. Click Next
  6. Click Import and at the end you should see the virtual machine MOLLER_VM displayed on the left side of the VirtualBox application
  7. Click the virtual machine MOLLER_VM and this will boot the Ubuntu virtual machine with all the software installed.

Test Virtual Machine is Working

  1. Once the virtual machine MOLLER_VM is booted it will automatically login but computer credentials are
    1. User name : moller and passwork : workshop
  2. Open a terminal (Press Alt-Cntl-T or right-click on the desktop and select "Open Terminal")
    1. type the commend: root
    2. this should take you to the root terminal
    3. type .q to exit
  3. Open a terminal
    1. goto following directory by: cd softwares/remoll
    2. run MOLLER simulation code by: ./build/remoll
    3. click menu 1.Geometry and select MOLLER Experiment
    4. click menu 3. Initialize and select Initialize
    5. click menu 4. Viewer and select Qt Viewer (Stored) (second item)
    6. Now MOLLER geometry should be accessible