Optics Meeting Sep 6 2022 230PM ET

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1. Update on hole separation at the GEMs with realistic GEM resolution [Kate] [1]

2. Initial low-statistics results with Livermore low energy physics library implemented [Kate and Bill] [2]

3. elastic C12 and Moller rates in the optics study [Vassu][3]


David, Vassu, Kate, Ciprian, Zuhal, James, Brynna, Paul Souder, Chandan, KK


  1. (Kate) Initial look at 12C/Moller separation with 1 mm GEM smearing, in one of the problematic cases (sector 1, 2-pass beam). Appears quite reasonable. Suggestions: show as binned color "heat map" plot and/or show histograms of radial distribution for slices in phi, so can better determine if there are ambiguous hits/overlaps. Try with smaller dots to avoid visual saturation effects. Also would be nice to look at results without GEM smearing to compare. Also should check secondaries. Cip suggests we should also check with beam generator to look for backgrounds, for example from collar 2, which would be seen with the 12C and Moller generators which throw over smaller range of theta.
  2. (Kate) Implementation of Livermore libraries. Looks like factor of 8 higher flux of < 1 MeV gammas than with the default GEANT 4 libraries. If correct, this would be quite acceptable. Need to look at vertices for these gammas, and to try the "low-energy" version of the Livermore libraries.
  3. (Vassu) Quick look at rates tables for 12C and Moller events from various holes. Will hear detailed report next week.

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