Optics Meeting Sep 13 2023 1100AM ET

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  1. New participants welcome (David)
  2. Simultaneous fits of many beam energies to extract theta, phi and E' (Zuhal) [1]
  3. Adding trigger counters to remoll [2] Bill]
  4. Matrix fitting with four variables Tyler
  5. Next steps (David)


David, Paul S, Sakib S., Tyler, Zuhal, Kate, Andrew, Ciprian, Juliette


  1. (Zuhal): Very good news! A global fit to parameterization for theta_target(r,r') [6 parameters], phi_target(phi, phi') [6 parameters] and E'(r,r') [6 parameters] for 12C elastic data from a single foil, using 10 beam energies from 2.0 GeV to 6.5 GeV succeeds (the parameters are not allowed to vary with beam energy). The residuals are not much worse than when we allowed the 6 parameters for each fit to vary with beam energy. Standard deviation (overall) for E' residual is only 162 MeV (i.e around 3%) and for theta is 0.33 mrad

(around 2.5%). Assuming that adding in v_Z variation (i.e. multiple foils or the signal from the extended hydrogen target) doesn't spoil this, we are in a good situation.

  1. (Tyler): Four parameter fits to theta_target(r,r',phi,phi') and phi_target(r.r',phi,phi') succeed. This 4-parameter version fixes problem see in previous results with the phi fits for 1-pass.

Meeting link information

See email invitation, or contact David Armstrong, Kate Evans or Jennifer McAllister for Zoom link