Optics Meeting Oct 18 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Effect of Magnetic Field Variation on pass 1 results (Vassu)[1]


Andrew Hurley, David, Vassu, Ciprian, Brynna, Zuhal, Paul S., James.


  1. (Vassu) At pass 1, still have Moller/12C overlaps look at GEM_r in many sectors, even if we vary B field. Both 12C and Mollers move in similar way in GEM_r vs Bfield. Varying B-field may help test other aspects of the reconstruction algorithm, however. Perhaps culd try looking at GEM_r' next. Also try: one 12C foil only for 1-pass, smaller diameter holes. Also, notice that the theta residual plot for 2-pass is double-peaked, probably algorithm is getting confused by two foils in this case.
  2. (Vassu) Use of local phi vs global phi in reconstruction makes essentially no difference.
  3. (Bill) Nathan and James are both busy with required course work this semester. Nathan will be looking at 2D tracking aspect. James will look at the low-energy gamma GEANT 4 issues, and also starting to look at Chandan's GEM tracking code from PREx-II.

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