Optics Meeting Oct 11 2023 1100AM ET

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1. GEMs and TS into remoll (Bill)

2. Analyzing power (Hanjie Liu)


David, Andrew, Kate, Paul S;, Hanjie, Zuhal, Bill, Vassu, Sakib, Sayak, Tyler, Kent, Juliette


  1. remoll updates (Bill): now has 4 layers of GEMs: G10 frames, G10 spacer ribs, ArCO2 active volume, trigger scintillators. Now have fixed any overlaps with Rotator rings, beam pipe, support legs. Checked into a branch, ready for git Push, so Kate can look at. Diajon James (SBU student) also plans to look at photon hits etc. in GEMs. Haven't yet checked effect of adding these on CPU/event. Should be able "rotate" in GDML using a 2-macro (zero degrees, i.e. center of open sectors is default location).
  2. Dealing with v_z dependence in reconstruction algorithm (Vassu,Zuhal) - they are starting on this.
  3. Acceptance function (Hanjie) [1]. Some initial questions: what do we want to provide to theorists as an acceptance function for Mollers? eff*solid angle as function of Q^2 or as function of theta_CM? We do have the expected (simulated) asymmetry as a function of phi and r and main detectors (Zuhal). Things to study include effect of collimator misalignment or design flaws; effect of detectors not being in nominal positions; detector response, including the effect of overlaps and shower-leakage. A useful table of numbers might be A_moller, Theta_cm, Q^2, rate tile-by-tile in the main detectors.

Meeting link information

See email invitation, or contact David Armstrong, Kate Evans or Jennifer McAllister for Zoom link