Optics Meeting May 3 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Low-energy gamma and x-ray flux estimates at the GEMs (David/Kate/Bill): [1]
  2. Optics Map Update (Vassu): [2]


Bill, Kate, David, Zuhal, Vassu, Klaus, Chandan


  1. With the Livermore low-energy physics list, we don't seem to see a huge flux of x-rays or low-energy gammas at the GEM plane. At worst, the singles rates from these x-rays would be about the same as the "true" rate of Moller and ep electrons, i.e. would not cause any problem with our tracking analysis or any gain-sagging in the GEMs. Should double-check that we have properly run this G4 simulation by simply repeating with the low-energy list disabled, i.e. going back to the defaults. PREx-II had very little evidence of a singles background (according to Chandan), however HRS is a highly shielded environment. The recent SBS GM_n experiment had a huge flux of low-energy x-rays - but rather than our "two-bounce design", they essentially have line-of-sight from their traget to the GEMs in BigBite, so a very different situation.

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