Optics Meeting May 17 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Optics Matrix Updates (Vassu) [1]


David, Bill, Zuhal, Kate, Vassu, Ciprian, Chandan


  • Vassu's results: Linear Correlation matrices (Pearson method) generally match what we expect, except that target z-vertex seems not correlated with much else: that may be because we are looking at single thin 12C target for these data (and only one beam energy).
  • Very little correlates with target_p. Small correaltions with r, r'. Again, may be due to one target foil, one beam energy only.
  • Similar with non-linear correlations (Spearman correlations) for theta-target, but now seem big correlations for target_p with r and r'.
  • -For theta_tg, the residuals plots look good for a simple 2-parameter dependence (r, r'); adding phi and phi' does not make residuals narrower, and in fact seems to introduce a bias to the mean residual. Maybe 2-parameter is enough.
  • For phi_tgt, the residual plots look good for a two-parameter (phi. phi') fit, but get narrower if go to all 4 GEM parameters, and probably still an unbiased mean value. Of course, phi_tgt is not the most important variable for us to reconstruct.
  • Including 3 different beam energies (1,2, and 3 pass), still one target: target_vz is still uncorrelated, but now linear correlations are clear for target-p with r and r'.
  • Target_vz fitting seems to only work if we fit to just one hole.
  • To do (David) - how sensitive is our asymmetry kinematic factor to target_vz?

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