Optics Meeting Jul 25 2023 200PM ET

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  1. Target theta fitting by using the upstream foil for 10 different beam energies (Zuhal): here


Zuhal, Vassu, Bill, Sayak, Paul, Ryan, Juliette, Ciprian, Kate, Prakhar


Zuhal and Vassu: parameters vs beam energy correlation study

  • Zuhal - US foil, Vassu - DS foil, 4M events each, 10 different beam energies, eC12 generator
    • Can we establish a better way to be confident in the values of our parameters?
    • We see constant parameter values from 2GeV to 4GeV.
    • Parameters b1 and b4 show an almost out-of-phase trend compared to the others. Both of these parameters depend on r^1, not r^0 or r^2.
  • Suggestion from Ciprian and Paul: normalize the parameters because the ones that depend on r are very small compared to the ones that don't depend on r. If, after normalization, we still see some parameters are close to zero, then it's evidence that they are not contributing greatly to our reconstruction. We should try redoing the reconstruction without these parameters and see if reducing the number of correlations helps our relationship to beam energy.
  • Suggestion from Juliette: Look at how phi and/or phi' changes with beam energy. Vassu has shown before that phi and phi' contribute minimally to the reconstruction, but do they help us understand the correlation to beam energy?

Bill: low energy photons

  • There will be a presentation for next week.

Tyler: fitting using average sieve values

  • Which sieve geometry was used in the most recent study?

Meeting link information

See email invitation, or contact David Armstrong, Kate Evans or Jennifer McAllister for Zoom link