Optics Meeting Aug 2 2022 230PM ET

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1. Brief update on plan for GEM resolution study (Kate)

2. C12 form factors in the beam generator simulations, Missing data from certain holes for pass 1, Relation between sieve and gem r for both C12 and moller generator (Vassu)[1]


Kate, Zuhal, David, Chandan, Vassu, Nathan Shankman, Michael Bevins


  1. Kate outlined plans to introduce GEM resolution effects by applying a Gaussian "smearing" using python routines to the GEM coordinates before they are used in the optics reconstruction code.
  2. Vassu has checked that the 12C form factor is properly implemented in GEANT 4 "beam generator" by comparing relative rates for sieve holes are two very different Q^2 (i.e. at different radii) for beam generator events and from the 12C generator; the relative rates at the two different Q^2 are in very good agreement between the two generators, to within a few percent. Good.
  3. Vassu confirmed that, in the case of pass1 for e-12C, the holes at certain radii in sectors 1,2 and 4 are not making it to the main detector because of the way "collar 2" trims the acceptance - this collar is designed to reduce the contribution from the radiative tail of e-p events. So, the "non-observation" of these holes in optics measurements at 1-pass would be a validation of that part of the acceptance "edges". Also checked that the relationship between sieve radius and GEM radius is not a simple linear one for Moller events.
  4. Vassu verified that two holes at the same radius but different phi can be separately imaged. This is good, should allow us to have more holes to get better handle on azimuthal dependence to acceptance.

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