Optics Meeting Apr 5 2022 230PM ET

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  • Bill's Update: x-rays at ~1MeV enters GEM chambers and see 3mm of drift space Ar/CO2, then the GEM trackers, then it will exit. How does x-ray interact with the drift space? slow down and deposit electrons. Lower energy photons are much more likely to interact and generate a signal in the GEMs. Anything <50keV is likely to create signal, and the lower the energy the higher the probability. Bill could use an 8keV x-ray gun as calibration. Do we know the distribution of low energy photons in G4? David noticed photon physics model might be inadequate - correct lower spectrum needs to be added to our simulations - Livermore low energy physics list - ask Ciprian for details. We need to update our simulations to include low energy photons so that we can account for background in GEM. KK said he wants a better idea of what photon spectrum looks like in our experiment. How many low energy photons are we actually seeing? (few keV photons). Is there a source of these photons? beam pipe? collar 2? beam window? showermax?
  • Vassu's update: Still working on sieve hole positions for optics analysis. We need to generate the same plots as Hanjie so that we can confirm that our changes are due to geometry changes not bugs.
  • Ciprian: Chandan has been providing some insight on sieve geometry, and we will use that to finalize things.
  • Kate update: Results on blocker look fine. Remember to run Blocker studies at 65uA. Could use the blocker thickness scan that was already done and just rescale based on radiation lengths. However this doesn't account for the new inner bore radius so might want to still make some new files to analyze that aspect of the blocker.

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