MOLLER Commissioning Task List

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Commissioning Task List

Format: Required beam condition, followed by a list of commissioning tasks, which may include additional notes regarding requirements

  • Low current (variously, about 1nA up to 50 nA)
    • Full energy (5 pass, 11 GeV)
      • Test Collimator 2 alignment: measurement of line-of-sight shadow with scanner
      • MOLLER Beam Trajectory Determination Procedure (developed by Alignment Working Group)
        • Ideal trajectory without field - Check Collimator 2 center
        • Collimator 1 Center Search
        • Field on, check beam trajectory, check magnetic axis
        • Check rate modulation in GEMs, validation of physics requirements
      • First Tracking chamber calibration: data for internal alignment of chambers using scattered tracks
        • Might include multiple positions and tests of repeatability
    • 1 pass (2.2 GeV)
      • Test magnet alignment: measure deflection of beam on dump viewer when energizing each magnet individually