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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
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 Meeting ID: 160 380 0887
 Passcode: 903612
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion

Open Issues to be followed up later

  1. Discussions with M. Pitt & J. Musson to understand the beam monitor signals we'll be getting
  2. Draft timing diagram: DocDB 790
  3. Michael, Bob, Brynne, and Paul should put together a list of the integrator running modes we would like to have available


Recording at zoomgov: [1]

Participants: B. Moffit, P. King, R. Michaels, M. Gericke, D. McNulty, C. Cuevas, D. Bishop, J. Pan, S. Chatterjee, C. Zorn, B. Li

  • Activity reports
    • Bryan: The new firmware has been tested, and William verified that the trigger acknowledge is getting back to the TIpcie
    • Daryl: He has the equipment he needs to check the signal integrity on all the ADCs, but hasn't started looking at that yet.
    • Michael: Brynne has gotten set up to do the follow up studies on the bandwidth, but hasn't gotten started yet.
    • Paul and Chris discuss the fiber pull for the TI connection. We'll move forward with a 48-fiber trunk (which gives 12 full MTP QSFP connections available). Paul and Chris are working to get this set up
    • Bob: He had handed off the TIpcie for shipping to Michael
    • Michael
      • All of the ADC chips have been ordered; 435 will be arriving in April, with the remaining 205 will be shipped in September
      • Discussion of the bandwidth of the ADC input stage filter, to make it the limiting factor
        • Daryl says he thinks the amplifier bandwidth is actually a little higher than the 1 MHz of the input stage.
    • Discussion of the long cables
      • Jie had used cables of 100m in the bench testing; Dustin says that the path is likely to be about 75m, so testing with 100m should be sufficient
      • Michael will suggest to Brynne to take a look at the bandwidth with both short cables and the 100m cable to see what impact that has