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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion

Open Issues to be followed up later

  1. Discussions with M. Pitt & J. Musson to understand the beam monitor signals we'll be getting
  2. Draft timing diagram: DocDB 790
  3. Michael, Bob, Brynne, and Paul should put together a list of the integrator running modes we would like to have available


Recording at zoomgov: [1]

Participants: R. Michaels, B. Moffit, B. Shaw, D. Bishop, J. Pan, W. Gu, J. Fast, C. Zorn, P. King

  • There had been a small group discussion on Wednesday (Bryerton, Bryan, Bob, Michael, William, and Paul) to discuss the next steps for the TI client on the ADC module.
    • Bryan will prepare a document of what registers need to be set on the TI on the ADC to be a client to the external TI, so that Bryerton can verify the TI connection is working properly
    • Bryerton will document the registers to configure the ADC parameters and how to do a DMA of the event data from the ADC
  • Bryerton had discussed the data QSFP with Michael
    • TRIUMF will buy the 10Gig IP for the QSFP
    • William suggests setting it up to use one link at 10Gig, to allow the possibility of using all four to get 40Gig
    • William suggests using the Finisar ftl410qe4c QFSP transciver; JLab has used these in the halls and they have good reliability
  • Paul needs to follow up with the CC and Chris Cuevas about using the prototype ADC in the TEDF
    • Paul had heard from the CC that the switches in TEDF can support PoE; he will check that PoE++ is supported
    • Paul has reached out to Chris about what electrical safety review is needed to bring the module on site; Chris is out on vacation until beginning of June. His initial thought (while on vacation) is that the device is not Class-II and formal registration won't be needed, but he will check
  • Follow up from the beam monitor meeting with John Musson et al.: we will likely have many beam monitors still instrumented with the exisiting SEE modules, so we would still need to have some integrators set up to record the few-volt single-ended signals. We will also be working to use the digital data stream from the new instrumentation modules