Digital beamline instrumentation small-group discussion, 2022 April 21

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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  3:00pm Eastern


  • Review of JLab digital beamline instrumentation as presented at March 18 meeting
  • Concerns raised so far
    • Multiplexing of wires
    • Bandwidth matching of beam monitors to detectors
    • Connection to the DAQ
      • J. Musson encourages use of the digital stream
        • Something to take the digital stream from the receivers and create helicity window records is a wholly new development effort
        • Could we even get the 1 Msps values out of the receiver? Fiber output is 10 MHz; the 1 Msps effective values are ~19-20 bits (combining 15 16-bit samples per wire to get both I and Q), so 4 wires * 2 values == ~160 Mbps.
      • DACs are 18-bit at 1 Msps; what is the real bandwidth and noise level of the output
    • Control of latency: at 1 Msps, we can likely only get aligned to 2us out of 500us; detector/BCM nonlinearity goes as 2*mismatch if we pick up the transition


Recording on LBNL Zoom: [1] (passcode: #lAtA#k6)

Participants: Y. Kolomensky, R. Michaels, K. Paschke, M. Pitt, J. Fast, P. King