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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion


Recording on Zoom: [1]

Participants: B. Moffitt, P. King, R. Michaels, D. Armstrong, S. Chatterjee, M. Gericke, D. McNulty

  • Paul: I had reached out to Klaus about the VXS crate spec for setting up a GEM-to-VTP readout. They don't have funds for the crate right now, so we'd probably need to loan one to them when we get to that point.
  • Discussion of the fiber run for the MPD readout. We haven't had a definitive estimate for this fiber run. This is probably 100m. We expect this would be within the DAQ budget.
  • Discussion of the fiber run for the HVMAPS. Each of the 84 tiles will have a MTP connector (only 5 of the 12 fibers are used). We should consider if we want to run 84 individual cables or use a higher-density trunk.
  • Jie is working on the (hopefully) last redesign of the base+amplifiers.
    • David will get in touch with Jie about what modifications are possible to use the amplifiers with the smaller PMTs for the pion detector
  • I have a summer student (Ryan Conaway) who I plan to have working on the VTP triggering design
    • Bryan can copy the library updates from NPS into the Compton test stand system
    • Then Bryan can help Ryan and I get familiar with how to set up the VTP firmware