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Meeting information


  • Grace, on benchmarking


Grace, on benchmarking analysis performance

Brainstorming on starting point for analysis development

  • Starting point:
    • simulated data file on farm
    • analysis code github (mock data branch), starting parameter files
    • New acronym or name? japan2? nujapan? mpan?
  • Analyze, produce beam asymmetries, normalized detectors, beam double-differences, regression corrected detectors?
    • Design strawman prototype analysis output for a run
    • flexible moller adc support and qweak adc support
    • testing correlation output
    • Start building combined detectors
    • Build control flags for intermittent event tree output
    • Dithering output tree or as part of the intermittent tree?
    • working toward —> online output, prompt output
      • quick and easy disabling
    • prototype BCM calibration
    • prototype BPM resolution study
    • prototype detector linearity test
    • prototype A_t monitor

  • Simulation:
    • build other asymmetry information into sim, e.g. avg, dipole, quadrupole, At
    • complexify trajectory sensitivities per ring, per various beam parameter, add offsets
      • build correlations corresponding to signal sharing
      • resolutions on beam parameters
    • beam dithering simulation
    • frequency information to charge or target parameters
      • especially AC line noise  ?
    • broken monitors or modules
  • Blinding: thinking, design, coding

  • Code resource profiling

  • Data base
    • Control parameter files - controlled interface. Data base?
      • podd has some of this
    • Run data base -> mini-run data base

  • Red team/blue team testing (when ready)

  • Feedback to INJ

  • Calculated quantities useful for OPS exported to EPICS

  • Alarms to shift crew when quantities are out of tolerance


  • Paul King
  • Grace Eichler
  • Kent Paschke