Simulation Meeting September 4 2020 2PM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Light guide light generation - Cameron - slide
  2. Raster vs multiple scattering - Mark Guevarra docDB641
  3. Simulation tasks for the next two months
    1. Envelope overlap with the coils: the 3 mm skin around the physical coils. Sakib showed some early results; we need to scrutinize them and make conclusions and see if there is further work to be done.
    2. re-optimizing the real geometry for the tungsten merged col-1 2 and shielding around that area for US coils
    3. reoptimize the upstream magnet area for the new radiation sources discovered (Positron shielding). Estimate radiation load on epoxy
    4. The two bounce shield optimization: Review the downstream 2-bounce shield and optimize for radiation dose. This won't have to be a continuous tube and so will be easier to install.
    5. Tweak Col-4
    6. Col-5 optimization: revisit inner collimator 5 region and make a conceptual design that is buildable that also shields the “spokes” from getting into the physics region and also the SAM region
    7. hybrid coil nose dose minimization and Estimate radiation load on epoxy
    8. SAM donut design
    9. Review what happens in the non-ideal case with a significant dipole field (in beamline??). Figure out the upper limit.
    10. optimize the SAM donut and see if it can handle a similar dipole field.
    11. a cross-check on the detector area backgrounds to make sure they didn’t get worse
    12. Activation studies needed??: Bottleneck here is importing coil geometry. Great project for few undergrads.
  4. Manpower:
    1. Ciprian: students? -
    2. Juliette: Sakib other students?
    3. Chandan
    4. Rakitha: Yufan
    5. KK: Cameron, other students?
  5. Should we split this meeting for more technical issues vs general issues?


Rakitha, Mark Vincent Guevarra, Ruben Fair, Sandesh Gopinath, Wouter Deconinck, Chandan Ghosh, Michael Gericke, Sakib, Ciprian Gal, Dustin McNulty, Randall Wilson, Krishna Kumar, Probir Ghoshal,


  • Raster vs multiple scattering by Mark to check the effect of the DS thin al window for different raster sizes.
  • Project plan for the next two months
    • We need quartz geometry for Remoll and then benchmark with SLAC no light guide single quartz data. Dustin will provide a data set to Cameron.
    • We need to find the default orientation of the quartz. find out form remoll.
    • Chandan will coordinate with Ciprian on these tasks.
  • Envelop update by Sakib
    • The difference in power deposit with the skin is marginal. Sakib had a 2 Gev cut since this is part of the main electron signal. Good to look at above 2 GeV energy deposit difference.
    • Why nominal is always higher than the 2 mm skin.
  • Next week probably be a simulation technical meeting but check with everyone before send out the meeting reminder.

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