Simulation Meeting September 29 2020 12PM ET

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  1. SAM updates - Vassu
  2. Collimator 1 and 2 merged design Progress - Chandan slides


Rakitha, weibin, Yufan, Juliette Mammei, Chandan, Cameron, Dustin McNulty, sakib, Wouter Deconinck, David Flay, Krishna Kumar, Sandesh Gopinath, seehrar


  • Chandan tested two versions of 10.04 and 10.06
    • will check with same seed to verify if new version is reporting less power deposit than older version
    • Working on different versions of merged collimator designs.
    • energy deposition on upstream coils estimation with epoxy on them and with Tungsten plates. The current estimation tells us the radiation dose is about 35MGy with the current design.
    • Try to tweak the two bounce tungsten thickness to minimize the radiation dose on the under-belly of coils.
  • song sheet changes will be merged to the develop branch by Wouter

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