Simulation Meeting September 27 2018 2PM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Detector locations and numbering for Geant4 simulation
  • Simulation coding updates
  • Air/Vacuum/He study
  • Sky-shine update
  • Chandan : Simulations - Collimator 1 and 2 shield optimization slides
  • Cameron and Audrey : Detector Configurations - New engineering constraints (looser than before) allow us to make some more precise simulations to optimize the detector array. See these elog entries here and here.


Attendance: Rakitha, Audrey, Sakib, Chandan, Ciprian, Kent, KK, Cameron


  • Collimator 1 area shielding, Chandan is generating specific energy, flux, and power distributions.
  • The new Light guide installation guide using two ring structure. See the referenced elog link in the agenda.

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