Simulation Meeting September 18 2020 2PM ET

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  1. New item: Potential change of date for the meeting?
    1. Thursday 11 am-12 (not possible due to NSF meeting until October), or Tuesday 12-1 pm
  2. Song sheet update
    1. Ciprian docdb-582
    2. Sakib?
  3. SAM updates - Vassu
  4. Collimator 1 and 2 merged design Progress - Chandan (KK to give an update)


Rakitha, David Kashy, Ruben Fair, Probir Ghoshal, sakib, Randall Wilson, Ciprian Gal, ,Krishna Kumar, weibin, Yufan, vassu doomra, , Sandesh Gopinath, Wouter Deconinck, Juliette Mammei, Dustin McNulty,


  • Cip gave a summary of available space on different z locations and discuss about song sheet discrepancies. See slides.
    • Also we need to confirm that the shower max detectors that Dustin provided for remoll simulation is correct. Especially tile sizes. Dustin suggested having a subgroup meeting to decide the shower max title sizes.
  • Sakib's update on song sheet: comparison of the spectrometer in remoll simulation and song sheet. There is also TOSCA models in the remoll simulation.

There is slight change in the DS coil upstream location between the song sheet and remoll. it's off by the arc radius Sakib thinks it's off by about 15 cm. TOSCA and remoll agree since remoll implemented from TOSCA.

    • Note that US coil matches with the song sheet. Sandesh will check his CAD models and get back to Sakib. KK, Sakib and Juliette will do cross-checks to see where is the actual field is in our simulation.
  • Collimator 1 and 2 merged design Progress from Chandan. KK showed the summary but the subgroup will meet first to go over these new results first. Sakib, Chandan, KK, and Juliette will meet separately.
  • move to 4.10.04 to 4.10.06 is a good time to do it now. Then complete all the cross-checks and benchmarks
  • Vassu will give us an update on SAM induced backgrounds and design progress.
  • Wouter has a remoll branch with updated song sheet positions implemented. Once we understand and fix all the discrepancies we will merge this to develop

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