Simulation Meeting September 13 2018 2PM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Detector locations and numbering for Geant4 simulation
  • Work and Volatile disk space issues
  • Simulation coding updates
  • Air/Vacuum/He study
  • Sky-shine update


Attendance: Rakitha, Chandan, KK, Kent, Cameron, Dustin, Seamus


  • Wiki page for the detector locations and detector id ranges for different ranges
  • New detector type to track more hit information based on different conditions.
  • Disk Space issues,
    • Old sensitivity studies data (Mindy) in the work disk staged to tape? to recover more space

  • Shielding,
    • Director's review for MOLLER
    • Plan for what to prepare for shielding review
    • Meet Monday around 9am to a plan ready for what we need to for shielding.

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