Simulation Meeting September 12 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Follow up on Geometry updates from CAD design
  • Simulation task updates: What needs to be done in immediate future
    • Finalized the G4 geometry
    • Estimate the radiation load at the detector area
  • Simulation software updates:


Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Wouter, Michael, Dustin, Chandan,


  • Beampipe updates by Sakbi
    • Showed detector area photon background above 1 MeV from different beam pipe configuration. Mostly coming from beam-pipe with no Helium designed by Dave at spectrometer engineering group at JLab
    • Slit scattering in col-1 and stray field effect in the beam pipe.
    • Using Tungsten beam pipe reduce the background by a factor of 30
    • Need to improve magnetic shielding
    • What's the Moller and ep signal in the same units as shown for photon background? Sakib will get back with numbers so we can compare background to signal
    • In vacuum only design we need the tungsten shielding around collimators but with helium gas, we will need a beam pipe
  • We have to discuss use for He to save money vs increase in the background and then find ways to reduce that background
  • Software updates by Wouter
    • Updated envelope into the develop branch and other features to develop branch
    • New release 2.0.0 with most recent geometry updates
    • Go over the to-do list in the git repository and find what needs to be done and update the list

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