Simulation Meeting September 11 2020 2PM ET

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  1. New item : optimize the target bunker geometry
  2. Light guide light generation - Cameron
  3. SAM updates - Vassu
  4. Spectrometer Song Sheet Comparison- Sakib [1]
  5. Simulation tasks Progress -Chandan docDB642
    1. Envelope overlap with the coils:
    2. re-optimizing the real geometry for the tungsten merged col-1 2 and shielding around that area for US coils
    3. reoptimize the upstream magnet area and estimate radiation load on epoxy
    4. The two bounce shield optimization:
    5. Tweak Col-4
    6. Col-5 optimization:
    7. hybrid coil nose dose minimization and Estimate radiation load on epoxy
    8. SAM donut design
    9. Review what happens in the non-ideal case with a significant dipole field (in beamline??).
      1. optimize the SAM donut and see if it can handle a similar dipole field.
    10. a cross-check on the detector area backgrounds to make sure they didn’t get worse


Rakitha,KK, David Kashy,Ciprian Gal, Jim Fast, Michael Gericke, Randall Wilson, Ruben Fair, vassu doomra, Wouter Deconinck, Yufan Chen, Chandan Ghosh, Elham Gorgannejad, Dustin McNulty, Don Jones, Juliette Mammei, Michael Gericke, Sakib, nazanin roshanshah, David Flay, Sandesh Gopinath


  • New item : optimize the target bunker geometry
    • DOE wants to plan for Decommission and Dismantled, lead wall, Rad Conn is also interested in design and radiation shielding numbers.
    • Activation neutrons dose for personnel, high energy neutron during running time. Involve Lorenzo for the next two years.
    • Ciprian and Kent involved in the bunker design
    • Rest of the Manpower? New UMass undergrad with KK
    • Air quality due to Ozone
    • We have to include iron rebar in concrete in our simulations. Careful with what we have is a metal for rebar.
    • Jim Fast suggested the Mineral called Galina, ore where lead is extracted like an aggregate for covering lead.
  • SAM updates - Vassu
    • implemented the modified beam pipe and no increase in rates at the ring 7 (PMT region) further analysis is on the way and finalize it soon.

The SAM apparatus penetration into the Al pipe created additional EM radiation due to interaction with the scattered beam.

  • Collimator 1 2 updates: Chandan
    • Came up with a plan for merging Col-1 and 2, then plan for Col-5 optimization
    • Then study one and two bounce photons
    • Proposed to have tungsten plate (skin) to protect the epoxy due to increased dose positron dose on the coils, note that this positron is coming through the acceptance so not much going to change even after merging the collimators
  • Songsheet discrepancies need to be discussed. Wouter pointed out shower-max z locations. KK, Ciprian, Juliette, Dustin, and David Kashy iron out the discrepancy at the shower max.
  • What is the proper procedure to update such discrepancies?
    • if you find a discrepancy do not assume the songsheet is correct. Bring it up to people in charge.
    • Juliette for spectrometer
    • Ciprian for upstream of the spectrometer
    • Then work with engineering to fix such discrepancies between G4 and CAD design
    • Dave to keep it in a specific location where we all can access these 2D drawings like songsheets with proper version numbers.
  • Radiation dose estimate for hall and roof detector.
    • Yufan will work on this project
    • Radiation dose estimation for different PID using radiation scripts.
    • Create a macro for hall wall, roof detectors. get high energy neutron sources and does.
    • Get root files from Sakib for the analysis

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