Simulation Meeting October 19 2021 11AM ET

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  1. Ferrous material simulation for GEM rotor stand: David
  2. CAD to GDML conversion tools



  1. Ferrous material budget request for rotator support stand
    1. JT file for importing the support stand in GDML
    2. Afeez could help out this (Rakitha's student)
    3. David and Chandika will set up a meeting with Larry Batozek and David Kashy next week
    4. we have a machine at JLab for general use that has SolidWorks. Just need to have a JLab account and remote into it.
  2. CAD to GDML
    1. Wouter implemented a way to import the cad outline into gdml to check that the positionings matched . we don't use it to run sims but it is there for crosscheck if anyone needs for a skunkworks approach to use the STEP directly in gdml.

    1. Looks like there is good code in github for this developed by LZ experiment.
  1. Mark wants to know what level beam dump simulation details are included for the main detector simulation? Chandan, Devi, and Mark will have a separate meeting
  2. Data quota for volatile increased.

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