Simulation Meeting October 19 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Get new people up to speed
  • Plan new simulation software updates (raster, etc.)
  • Get the geometry specified and understood, shared with JLab (Sandesh) and SBU CAD (Cameron)



Notes from Thursday

Notes from Saturday

/remoll/setgeofile /home/rahmans/geometry/geometry_optics_beam/mollerMother_merged1.gdml
/remoll/physlist/register QGSP_BERT_HP
/remoll/parallel/setfile /home/rahmans/geometry/geometry_optics_beam/mollerParallel.gdml
/run/numberOfThreads 5
/remoll/addfield /home/rahmans/map/default/text/hybridJLAB.txt
/remoll/addfield /home/rahmans/map/default/text/upstreamJLAB_1.25.txt
/remoll/evgen/set beam
/remoll/evgen/beam/origin 0 0 -2.5 m
/remoll/evgen/beam/rasx 5 mm
/remoll/evgen/beam/rasy 5 mm
/remoll/evgen/beam/corrx 0.149
/remoll/evgen/beam/corry 0.149
/remoll/evgen/beam/rasrefz 0.5 m
/remoll/beamene 11 GeV
/remoll/beamcurr 85 microampere
/remoll/SD/enable 32
/remoll/SD/detect lowenergyneutral 32
/remoll/SD/detect secondaries 32
/remoll/kryptonite/enable true
[do the kryptonite macro here]
/remoll/filename /global/scratch/rahmans/scratch/targetStudy/shortened_newcol12_uv_JLAB_75/beam/beam_1.root
/run/beamOn 10000

Simulation Notes for new people

Things that are happening

  • Previous Simulation efforts
    • Skyshine shielding - Rakitha, Cameron, Ciprian
    • Target region optimization - Rakitha
    • Envelope production and FOM optimization - Cameron, Sakib
  • Ongoing Simulation efforts
    • Spectrometer sensitivity studies and optimization - Juliette, Sakib
      • Verifying that the GDML definition is up to date - GitHub tracking
      • Cementing how to do energy deposition in spectrometer coil studies
    • Helium vs. Vacuum study and central beamline optimization - Sakib, Ciprian
    • Detector array optimization - Catherine, Cameron
    • Detector region radiation load and shielding - Dmitri, Don, Cameron
    • Beam energy change effects on the experiment's feasibility (spectrometer dose, radiation, FOM, collimator energy deposition, etc.) - GitHub tracking
  • Needed Simulation efforts
    • Properly tracking the conditions under which the simulation was made, s.t. results can be replicated - Wouter
  • Recent Software updates
    • Trajectory storage - Catherine, Cameron
    • Central fringe magnetic fields - Sakib, Juliette
    • Detector geometry update and z-shift - Wouter, Sakib
  • Wanted Software updates
    • Proper implementation of tracking
    • Proper implementation of JAPAN-ready faux data

How to run remoll/gdml simulations in G4

Get an account on various things

  • JLab wiki, docdb, and ifarm user account
    • ifarm batch system certificate:
  • SBU mocha
  • Virginia ELOG

How to analyze remoll data meaningfully


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