Simulation Meeting November 8 2018 2PM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Simulation software updates
    • Access hits using PID by name now available in develop branch - Wouter
  • Air/Vacuum/He study Update by Ciprian
  • Sky-shine update


Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Cameron, Chandan, Kent, KK


  • Move the full apparatus by the offset upstream so that target center at 6.087 m wrt to the hall center. Then follow-up with Robin, Al Gavalia and Jay and Javier (for Beam-line) to get exact coordinates. Ciprian will follow-up. Cameron will update the new location and develop branch will be updated very soon.
  • Col-4 needs to be properly arranged in CAD and in G4 once acceptance envelope is finalized. Once CAD is finalized then GDML must be followed. Someone at SBU needs to it.
  • We need to include the Beam-pipe downstream of the spectrometer. Then do a two bounce photon study. This will also help on Air/Vacuum/He study currently underway by Ciprian

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