Simulation Meeting November 3 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Collimator 1 and 2 merged design Progress - Chandan Update
  2. SAM updates - Vassu/Ciprian
  3. Spectrometer Radiation dose update - Sakib
  4. AOB


Sandesh Gopinath, Rakitha, Sandesh Gopinath, Elham Gorgannejad, Wouter Deconinck, Chandan Ghosh, David Kashy, David Flay, Jim Fast, weibin, Chandan Ghosh, Dustin McNulty, KK, Sakib, nazanin roshanshah, Juliette Mammei, Ciprian Gal


  1. Col-1 and 2 merge Chandan,
    1. Looked at the Coli edep from Current merged version (V3) and simulation points to about same radiation load on the coils. No increase in load seen
    2. The dose on the coil (about 20 MGy) is reduced by about factor of 2 due to tungsten coil shielding on the slides for positions.
    3. Meet with David Kashy to optimize the shape of the merged collimator design so that design is engineering feasible. Especially the bore shape of the collimator.
    4. Dave will talk to some vendors to figure out cone ve stepped bore (many steps) is more doable.
    5. We also have to plan on how to mount/support the merge collimator
    6. Manpower: Chandan design the inner radius and nazanin roshanshah work on optimizing the thickness of the collimator
    7. By mid-December we will have a downstream 2-bounce shield and then complete Col-5 region
    8. Trying to see if we can get rid of or reduce the thickness of downstream 2-bounce
    9. Simulation points that we do not need a downstream 2-bounce shield. we may end up with some form of shielding pipe but Still a work in progress
  2. Consolidate all the simulation to-do list move to simulation worklist
    1. We can have one main simulation list for MOLLER and then each subsystem can maintain their own lists but linked to the main list
    2. We agreed to use the Wiki for the main list

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