Simulation Meeting November 30 2021 11AM ET

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  1. LAM Rate Comparison for Different Generators: Devi Adhikari - docDB820


Andrew, Chandan, Ciprian, David Kashy, Devi, Dustin, Eric Sun, Jim Fast, Jon Mott, Kent, KK, Mark Pitt, Michael Gericke, Michael Goodrich, paul King, Robin Wines, Elhamm, Rayan Biraben, Sakib, Sandesh, Sudip Bhattarai, Zuhal


  1. Devi: Compared the rate distributions from the beam generator and the physics generators at virtual planes near Collar 2 and at the main detector plane. A large (~50%) discrepancy in the rate at large radii is observed for the virtual detector placed near the Collar2, whereas ~5% discrepancy is observed for the main detector.
    1. Chandan: Performed similar studies earlier at the main detector plane and the agreement between the physics and the beam generator was within 10%.
    2. KK and Mark: This could be due to our elastic generator failing to account for the radiative stuff. Probably a postdoc level project, Maybe Yury can take it. We have to be prepared for this reality in our main experiment. It would be worth doing the same studies with a smaller (10 cm) target. The difference should minimize if the radiative effect is the cause as we think.
  1. Sandesh and Dave Kashy: Shared some pictures of the process of building the windows. They have started building it as some vendor shows hesitance to build these windows with our requirement. It is decided that we will build these windows in-house at JLab.

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