Simulation Meeting November 23 2021 11AM ET

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  1. Work Disk Issue: Paul King



  1. Going forward, use volatile for daily work with a lot of i/o and temp storage
    1. Analogy by Wouter: Using volatile is like going down to the quark cafe and using their tables because it gives you more space that your own desktop… Leave for long enough someone will clean up your work left there
  2. Work disk is backed up but it is not designed as a storage place long term storage
  3. It may be useful to setup a slack bot that periodically posts top disk usage by users on volatile and work
  4. Save files to the tape if needs for long term
    1. Optimal size for tape storage is a few GB so small files better to put in blocks (tar or zip) units before going into tape
  5. We also want to streamline the organization of data on tape
    1. Simulation by projects? etc.
  6. Jim Fast: As we need more disk space or JLab reconfigures storage the physical disk names may change. So as Paul says, use the links provided not the path to the physical disk.
    1. Perhaps a readme.txt file o guide to this on a Wiki or SLACK or somehwere so new users know all this?
    2. I asked for quite a significant increase several months back. We can, of course, request more space, but we should consider our storage needs. And eventually, we need to put really large files on tape.

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