Simulation Meeting November 17 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Two bounce photon background -docDB647Page28_36 Chandan
  2. AOB


Rakitha B , Devi Adhikari, Jim Fast, Chandan Ghosh, Mark L. Pitt, Elham Gorgannejad, Sakib, Krishna Kumar, Ciprian Gal, , nazanin roshanshah, Wouter Deconinck, Weibin , Sandesh Gopinath , Juliette Mammei , David Kashy,


  1. US two bounce shield update by Chandan.
    1. The R min for the two bounce shield pipe was obtained using the line of sight from the collimator 1-2 to prevent slit scattering from beamline background
    2. The thickness should be above 2 mm to absorb the background. Anything less will increase the background at the detector plane
    3. Ran the two bounce script with the current design.
    4. Transmission study. Need a list of materials for Chandan to speed up the study.
  2. translated the coordinate system to hall coordinate system for all the magnetic maps - Sakib
    1. The remoll is updated to run these new map files and they have new naming conventions matching the engineering convention.
    2. How Engineering group handle map file naming conventions? A question came up where name map file naming could refer to slightly different field map resolution and other configuration changes. Also naming convention should not change
    3. Have two macro files one for old map files and one for new map files. This will reduce accidentally running old map files with new remoll devel
  3. Aluminum Generator - Sakib
    1. Low statistic high rate single-particle multiple scattering and end at the detector plane. Sakib will investigate to track these particles.

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