Simulation Meeting May 21 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Priority list prepared by Ciprian
  1. Raster, position&angle offset sensitivities. -> Ciprian
  2. Light guide light generation. Add this to estimate of light generated from radiation getting to the PMT and confirm there is no impact on deconvolution analysis. ->KK's group
  3. Develop benchmarks for single event upsets (in collaboration with Michael) -> Ciprian
  4. SAM implementation and impact on radiation -> Chandan
  5. Collimator 1&2 geometry change. I think Chandan has some work on in this but we should establish some benchmarks to make sure we don't lose anything with the design change. -> Chandan
  6. Target and Collimator 1/2 shielding updates (and potentially add beampipes and sieve locations). -> David K, KK, Ciprian, Chandan
  7. Relax Detector Electronics bunker requirements.
  8. Light from Al holding structure for quartz.

  • Dose calculations on the collimators and coils - Sakib
  • Simulation topics came up at the collaboration meeting
  1. Radioactive gaseous activation in the concrete
  2. Is 8% of electrons from the air in front of the MD a concern
  3. Do our simulations include thermalization in all the concrete in the hall and the thermals bathing the detector
  4. Dump status and what needs to be added
  5. PMTs made of borosilicate glass and the boron becomes very important with neutrons. We should put borosilicate if we haven't.
  6. At PMT, if we got spallation from a neutron that could make a very big signal.
  7. Are we plan to do some experimental validations using say a DT generator or neutron source (Cf, AmBe, AmLi)
  8. it would be better to put actual rates in tables, not the percentages, so the absolute scale of neutron vs. gamma is obvious.
  9. FLUKA geometry: We need to come up with a realistic simplified geometry for FLUKA starting from Sakib's latest "simplified" geometry and then adding the appropriate amount of relevant material


Attendance: Rakitha, Cameron Clarke, Ciprian Gal, David Kashy, Sakib Rahman, Stephen Wood, Dustin McNulty, Chandan Gosh, Probir Ghoshal, Sandesh Gopinath, Wouter,Ruben Fair, Krishna Kumar, Raj S


  • Priority list in order of importance shown in the agenda
  • Light guide light generation. Add this to estimate of light generated from radiation getting to the PMT and confirm there is no impact on deconvolution, analysis. import from qsim probably already done by Cameron should we add aluminum holding pieces to estimate scattering from aluminum
  • We will address spallation issue came up in the collaboration meeting during the summer or fall
  • Feedback needed by Dave K for support structures planned to put in, KK will followup
  • Sakib Radiation dose on Collimators and coils
    • chacked current and previous values. Did a rough estimation as a sanity check using tgt_lenght*current ratio but KK suggested to try length square for Col-1 and 2
    • compared symmetry vs. asymmetric version
    • He also compared symmetric and asymmetric coil design, found out energy deposit are not that different.
    • Chandan raised the issue that new power deposit numbers look under-reporting, Sakib will followup his calculation

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