Simulation Meeting March 4 2021 2PM ET

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  1. envelope update: Chandan docDB696
  2. Activation from different materials: Lorenzo pdf
  3. For next week
    1. Al generator issues: Hanjie and Ciprian githubIssue443
      • the generator for both the quasiElastic and inelastic generators have a beam-Energy factor in the x-section
      • confirmed this was in the original Qweak generators, but not clear why it is there. The original ref eq3 doesn't have this


Michael Gericke, Rakitha Beminiwattha, Ruben, Mark L. Pitt, Eric Sun, Chandan Ghosh, Elham Gorgannejad, Ciprian Gal, David Kashy, Probir Ghoshal, Juliette Mammei, Brynne Blaikie, Zhongling Ji, Krishna Kumar, Paul King, Caryn, Devi Adhikari, Lorenzo Zana, Donald Jones, Zuhal Seyma, Demiroglu, Dustin McNulty, sakib, kostin, Tao Ye, Nafis Rafat, Pavel Degtiarenko, David Flay, Kent Paschke, welch, Cameron Clarke, Donald Jones, Jim Fast


  1. envelope update by Chanda
    1. envelopes generated using contour method, previously it was arbitrarily selected the envelope edge but now with contour method it is methodical
    2. generated for Moller, ep, and photon
    3. to reduce noise in contour lines at far away we could goto r, theta and phi binning adjust binning in r and theta to smooth contour lines. Only azimuthal (phi) we need higher accuracy in envelopes.
    4. For envelope make everything (collimators, coils, etc) kryptonite so only acceptance is open for particles
    5. Use a higher energy minimum cut for envelopes.
    6. Then use an origin cut for all the tracks used for envelopes
  2. Material activation by Lorenzo
    1. goal is the get activation on these cylinders on full Moller beam
    2. used 10 cm radius 10 cm height cylinder of different materials: copper, W-Ni-Cu (CW95), Pb, PbSb (2% Sb, antimony), Ta
    3. looked at 1h, 12h, 24h, 1 week, 4 weeks, and 6 months
    4. results only showed for 6 months after irradiation

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