Simulation Meeting March 18 2021 2PM ET

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  1. Pion Detector update: Elham [1]
  2. Field Map update: Sakib [2]


Wouter, ROBIN WINES, Ruben, sakib, sudip, Ciprian Gal, Devi Adhikari, Elham Gorgannejad, Rakitha Beminiwattha, David Kashy, Caryn, Nafis Rafat, Zhongling Ji, Dave, Dustin


  1. Pion Detector
    1. Pi/e ratio of rates and light-weighted rates compared for different pi donut geometry
    2. It seems like we may need a bigger donut and once we have a design we will check the main detector rates and PMT region (ring 7)
  2. Field Map Update
  3. Radial limit of 40 cm is too small for the downstream magnet. Increased to 50 cm
  4. It seems to affect the ep peak and other outer radius signals at the detector plane

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