Simulation Meeting March 11 2021 2PM ET

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  1. target shielding config4 results: Zuhal docDB695, Tao docDB697
  2. Al generator issues: Hanjie and Ciprian githubIssue443
    • the generator for both the quasiElastic and inelastic generators have a beam-Energy factor in the x-section
    • confirmed this was in the original Qweak generators, but not clear why it is there. The original ref eq3 doesn't have this


Ruben, Devi Adhikari, Mark L. Pitt, Rakitha Beminiwattha, wdconinc, Ciprian Gal, sudip, Elham Gorgannejad, Kk, Zuhal Seyma Demiroglu, Brynne Blaikie, Kent Paschke, Caryn Palatchi, Zhongling Ji, Hanjie Liu, Sudip Bhattarai, David Armstrong, Chandan Ghosh, Naz, David Flay, Cameron Clarke, Dustin McNulty, Sandesh Gopinath, Cameron Clarke, Juliette Mammei, Jim Fast, sudip, sakib, Nafis Rafat, Michael Gericke


  1. Target shielding update by Zuhal
    1. Compared 4 configurations using different sensitive detectors
    2. We are getting close to a final design so target group can start on engineering plans for the final simulation design.
    3. We have to complete the site boundary dose estimation with out current design
  2. Al Generator update
    1. Hanjie wanted to know an MC factor in the Al generator code is correct. That is a normalization factor for MC simulation event generator.

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