Simulation Meeting June 18 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Progress on the Priority list - Ciprian
  2. Geometry optimizations - Chandan, Sakib
  3. Introduction to GIT - Wouter


Rakitha, David Flay, Ruben Fair, Stephen Wood, Chandan Ghosh, Krishna Kumar, Hanjie Liu, Dustin McNulty, Jim fast, David Kashy, Cameron Clarke, Mark Vincent Guevarra, Michael Gericke, Sakib, seehrar, Wouter, Zach, Donald Jones, Juliette Mammei


  • priority list update by Ciprian:
    • total ionization dose at ring 7 calculated using standalone simulation for SiO2 - Ciprian

with no shielding, we get 900 krad but with 5 cm lead shielding we get about 60 krad

    • lead thickness vs rad dose is it linear? David K he is worried that 5 cm may be too heavy to hold
    • Light guide generation: Cameron and KK will work on it, next week we have an update
    • single even upset benchmark: ongoing
    • chandan finishing on the envelope generation (see below)
    • Chandan will work on the SAM implementation after
    • Is SAM implementation CD-1 req. ? KK we will work on it if there are only major concerns
    • would including SAM change SEU or other radiation does? KK
  • Chandan finishing on the envelope:
    • Moller elec. slope for hybrid and segmented map to see if they differ but they are same so we are good
    • showed the Moller and ep envelopes, KK and Chandan will further check for any errors and then forward to Sandesh
    • Geometry changes requested by David Kashy, move collar 2 downstream by 7 cm, move hybrid lead upstream 30.55 cm so it sits outside of the DS magnet chamber
    • we will wait to implement this in our standard remoll geometry
    • suggest to keep a list of changes what we need to make and later carefully include them after doing before and after comparisons probably after CD-1
  • Introduction to GIT: Wouter
    • see attached slides

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