Simulation Meeting June 11 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Progress on the Priority list - Ciprian
  2. Geometry optimizations - Chandan docDB616, Sakib
  3. Next software release and Documentation - Wouter


Rakitha, David Kashy, Krishna Kumar, Cameron Clarke, Chandan Ghosh, Juliette Mammei, Sandesh Gopinath, Dustin McNulty, Sakib Rahman, Wouter, Hanjie Liu, David Flay, Ciprian Gal, seehrar, Ciprian Gal, Michael Gericke, Kent Paschke


  • Pion donut dimension by Chandan:
    • Moller centroid vs. Z location shown for new geometry. This will be used to adjust MD, ShowerMax, SAM, and Pion detector Z locations.
    • The radial slope is about 3 deg/m in z-direction
    • Would the slope is off between segmented vs hybrid coil design - Sakib
    • Better to put the lead donut at z of derivative of no. of electrons are max to keep bkg sensitivities minimum - Wouter
  • Envelope code debugging at the moment and will have results next week hopefully if the code is fixed
  • Task list before CD-1 Ciprian
    • Light guide generation - Cameron and KK work on it this week
    • Ring 7 total ionization dose calculated to follow with KK, Ciprian, Michael, Dustin, and Kent
  • Sakib Col-5 update:
    • small-angle ep bkg coming through col-5, looking for optimizations to reduce this background. Sakib will followup with KK to get some input on this.
  • software is ready to release
    • Geometry: SBS bunker is missing and needs to be merged. feature-branch SBS bunker
      • we can leave SAM for this release that we are still working on it.
    • Keep geometry branch to one geometry project so merging to develop easy - Wouter
    • Intro to geometry branch - Wouter will give a talk next week.
    • We always run into set the envirenment on ifarm. The issue is dependencies setup is not clear. the recommendation is to use modules to set up the environment. - Wouter
    • Check changes in radiation rates due to going to new version. - Sakib will check this.

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