Simulation Meeting July 2 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Progress on the Priority list
    1. Light guide light generation - Cameron
    2. Single event upset - Ciprian
  2. Geometry optimizations - Chandan, Sakib
  3. AOB


Rakitha, Cameron Clarke, Sakib, David Flay, Seehrar, Chandan Ghosh, Hanjie Liu, Krishna Kumar, Dustin McNulty, Ciprian Gal, David Kashy, Ruben Fair, Probir Ghoshal, Donald Jones, Michael Gericke, Jim fast


  • Single event upset update by Ciprian: SEU will not be an issue for PMT base or GEM. In first-order SEU is not a showstopper before the review. Note that SEU is only when an issue when electronics are ON
  • KK: REminded that closing some of the task lists we already addressed. Ciprian will send around a draft version.
  • Light Guide generation, Cameron: Bradly (SBU undergrad) work on Qsim was verified.
    • Cameron was able to run the software and checked for any issues.
    • Compared the old results and verified them with updated geometry.
    • Updated to the latest G4 library. Geometry will be non hard-coded from going forward.
    • Cerenkov light generation has increased. Checking for overlaps.
    • Remoll as the way forward and stop using Qsim due to its hard coded geometry.
  • Light guide optimization suppressed the background light (both scintillation and cerenkov)
    • KK: Blacken the certain region where ee and ep flux is going to reduce the generation
    • KK: Winston cone idea for light guides.
    • JimF: refract the light we want and get rid of the mirror, ray racing program to check some of these ideas.
    • Dustin or Michael have done ray-tracing studies before and could be a summer project. Ciprian may have a prospectus student that can work on this project.
  • Merged geometry col-1 and 2 ran into some issues due to coil update due increased radiation to epoxy as seen by Sakib. Also, new coil design caused new hot spots that Sakib will address to remove. These will be first discussed in the spectrometer meeting.
    • optimization of two bounce tube col-4 to DS coil will be discussed in the spectrometer meeting.

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