Simulation Meeting July 25 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Follow up on Geometry updates from CAD design
  • Simulation task updates: What needs to be done in immidiate future
    • Finalized the G4 geometry
    • Estimate the radiation load at the detector area
  • Simulation software updates:
    • Lead collar placement


Attendance: Rakitha, Wouter, Cameron, Dustin, Michael


  • Cameron: Getting the envelopes ready, geometry changes to moving collimators after generating the envelopes, we need to redo the power deposition calculation again. Calculate two bounce photon after the changes and making sure there is no increase.
  • Wouter: Cameron to Chip to make sure lead collar is moved to concrete shielding in the target and reduced the poly shielding width at upstream of the collimator shielding. Wouter will merge changes to devel branches.
  • Michael: Possibility of integrating and counting switching electronics (digital to analog and vice versa, preamps and etc keeping at the pmt base itself) keeping at detector area or not.
    • The P2 design For the front end, electronics and PMT in one base could be imported to MOLLER depending radiation level.
    • When do you need an estimate of radiation load? Late Fall?
    • Sakib is looking at radiation load at detector area and coming up with shielding design. Once G4 geometry changes discussed above is finalized, Sakib will move forward with this study.
  • Dustin: Beam pipe and He gas area finalized before we have final numbers for detector area.
  • Rakitha : We will try to get radiation numbers by the second week of September at least an initial upper limit estimate. Work in charge: Cameron, Sakib and Chandan

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