Simulation Meeting July 16 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Light guide light generation - Cameron - slides
  2. Geometry optimizations - Chandan, Sakib
  3. AOB


Rakitha, David Kashy, Cameron Clarke, Sakib, Chandan Ghosh, Krishna Kumar, Dustin McNulty, Hanjie Liu, Seehrar Jim fast, Kent Paschke, Ruben Flair, Probir Ghoshal, Randall Wilson,


  • Light Guide Update, Cameron:
    • Lookup table for radial position vs. angle of the incident for light guides. the color 3rd axis gives the average PE from high energy electrons passing through the light guide. This is a background estimate.
    • The framework is working now KK and Dustin will followup to get all the input numbers (PE, reflectivity etc.) to this analysis is correct.
    • Next week we will discuss the updated analysis after feedback from KK and Dustin
    • What is in the task list for this? followup with KK after reading the recommendation
  • the Following Geometry, items are merged to develop: Sakib
    • epoxy update to coil
    • merged col
    • two bounce shield
    • changes to Col-1
  • Geometry: Probir, simulation, and engineering coordinate system confusions. Sakib will update the Probir on how we go back and forth.
    • KK will go over Chandan's envelope with Sandesh
  • Dave K slides show actual CAD drawing for the US coils. This is what frozen design for CD-1. We should compare distance and dimensions with our simulation.
    • Two US coil design showed two envelopes for Moller electrons. Change in current or mistake in design
    • They should be the same for Moller.
    • David pointed out a few small disagreements shown in the envelops that probably related to low statistics and inconsistent cuts between hybrid and segmented.
    • It is always very arbitrary at larger radii due to low statistics. At small radii, this is less an issue due to high statistics.
    • For the envelope cut z locations, it depends on the z-step resolution in the tracking interpolation script and on numbers chosen by hand while producing the outline points. Cameron C.
    • Chandan and KK will make sure how the envelopes are generated using exactly the same cuts
  • How urgent is the envelope overlap with a structure analysis? KK
    • Get power deposition at the coils by adding few thin sensitive detectors and estimate power deposition due to envelopes and estimate r and phi power deposition at these critical z locations where David notices envelopes interacts with the coil. We will look at positron specifically as well due to the dose issue on epoxy. This will tell us hot spots. Sakib and Chandan will work on this. Engineering would like this in a month.
    • Juliette, Kent and KK will followup first and then show the results to Engineering if we need to make changes.

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