Simulation Meeting January 31 2019 2PM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Simulation software updates
    • Demonstration of MadGraph5, current status (Wouter)
  • Collimator energy deposit update (Chandan) slides


Attendance: Michael G, Sakib R, Chandan G, Ciprian G, Cameron C, Wouter D


  1. Chandan
    • ChG: output from offset study make sense.
    • ChG: recalculations of collimator powers were showing some odd behavior. Wouter pointed out this was related to a recent bug that was fixed regarding the kryptonite materials. This was fixed and the cross check is sensible. CG: there still seem to be some inconsistencies with the hit.e . WD: the hit.e contains the energy in the postStep so if kryptonite is true it will just have the rest mass. CG: the number of entries seems to be inconsistent between hit.e and hit.edep. Please plot the overflow and underflow bins without energy cuts.
    • ChG: the deleteKrypMaterial method doesn’t work currently. WD: won't be fixed for technical reasons.
  2. Wouter: next time

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