Simulation Meeting January 28 2021 2PM ET

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  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan docDB686
  2. Task list
    1. Finalize all inner collimator of upstream and downstream coils - including asymmetric coils
    2. Generate envelope for engineers
    3. Full comparison of beam and ee+ep generators at the detector plain with symmetric and asymmetric coils
    4. Careful evaluation of all sources of background in ring 5: charged particles, photons, light guide background
    5. Figure out which background charged particles are due to delta rays in the exit window or air that hit the same tile
    6. Import US and DS tours vessels and US beamline and see if background changes - Double check with two-bounce code
    7. Dedicated Simulations to study rare backgrounds from various bellows to figure out which bellows can be stainless steel (Cip & Don)
    8. Dedicated simulations to figure out how backgrounds get worse as you degrade the vacuum


Cameron Clarke, Probir Ghoshal, Mark L. Pitt, Ruben, Devi Adhikari, Chandan Ghosh, rakitha, Aditya, Eric Sun, Dustin McNulty, sakib, David Kashy, Ciprian Gal, Hanjie Liu Nafis, David Armstrong, Sandesh Gopinath, Cameron Clarke, Weibin, Kk, Jim Fast, Elham Gorgannejad, Michael Gericke, Randall Wilson, Paul King, sakib


  1. Collimator 6 Introduction
    1. DS region background coming thru the beampipe for symmetric coil and asymmetric coil offset field map
    2. Looking at the possibility of using a Col-6 (tungsten) to stop these low scattering angle ep electrons coming thru Col-5 bore (beamline)
    3. This background is about 3%-4% of ep. (few mrad scattering angle 100MeV to few GeV electrons) Without this particular background, we get about 6-7%. So if we don't contain this ep background will go up by 3-4%
  2. Task list of important background items: Time and manpower (Attached in the agenda)
    1. Goal is to complete by April

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