Simulation Meeting January 14 2021 2PM ET

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  1. SAM update: Vassu
  2. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan
  3. AOB


Rakitha Beminiwattha, Jim Fast, Devi Adhikari, Mark L. Pitt, Eric Sun, Ruben, Michael Gericke, David Flay, David Kashy, Donald Jones, Chandan Ghosh, Wouter Deconinck, Sandesh Gopinath, Ciprian Gal, Elham Gorgannejad, Hanjie Liu, sakib, vassu doomra, Juliette Mammei, Cameron Clarke, Dustin McNulty, Probir Ghoshal


  1. DS shielding update - Chandan
    1. with two pipes for coil shielding and one pipe for detector background shielding (1-bounce)
    2. the pipe for detector background shielding contains spokes extending out
    3. to minimize the sources for the nose hot-spot
    4. two pipes: one in front of 1st coil and one in front for 3rd coil
    5. then the first pipe was extended to the US and then nose dose went down
    6. before extending it was 71 MGy and after extension, it is 58 MGy
    7. Now the nose region dose for both US and DS are about the same level. But people want to get it lower since DS coil design is complicated and epoxy maybe providing structural support.
    8. Jim's argument is this level of dose is good enough. Wait for KK feedback
    9. Ruben asked about the uncertainty of the dose numbers and the uncertainty of the spread of the hot-spot. The uncertainty of the dose numbers depends on the statistics. The uncertainty on the spread of the hot spot mainly depends on the accuracy of the collimator position
    10. Make a 2D plot with black and white. black only if the dose is about 30 MGy
  2. SAM update by Vassu
    1. thickness of the beampipe window is now 0.5 inch
    2. lead shielding for SAM detectors added
    3. compared the with and without SAM for background and no significant increase in the background at the detector region
  3. Software updates2
    1. Bug fixes to be pulled to develop
    2. Light guide modification can also go into develop

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