Simulation Meeting February 4 2021 2PM ET

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  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan docDB686
  2. Overall target shielding update: Ciprian slides
  3. Storage requirements for simulation in ifarm
    1. Currently we have :
      1. 1TB in /work/halla/moller12gev
      2. 2TB reserved with 3 TB quote for /volatile/halla/moller12gev
    2. What do we need?


Mark L. Pitt, ROBIN WINES, Ciprian Gal, Randall Wilson, David Kashy, Rakitha Sanjeewa Beminiwattha Devi Adhikari, Chandan Ghosh, Nafis, Weibin, Krishna Kumar, Wouter, Cameron, Sandesh Gopinath, Kent Paschke, sakib, Dustin McNulty, Hanjie Liu, Ruben, Jim Fast, Michael Gericke,


  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan
    1. Why Col-5 spokes going down to beam center is needed? Chandan checked this with Col-6 in the simulation.
    2. With Col-6 only a small fraction of the background is blocked by Col-5 spokes (handles)
    3. Ran simulation with no Col-5 handles and compared.
    4. conclusion is that we can remove them and still we would get about the same improvement with col-6
    5. Geometrical information for coll5 and coll6 is on slide 17 and 18.
  2. Overall target shielding update: Ciprian
    1. gave an update on modification and sensitive detectors around the target region
    2. tried a new config (config2) with no upstream concrete wall to estimate the effect of that wall.
    3. Then tried Config-3 where DS concrete was extended more upstream
    4. It's good to revisit the lead plug at the target region. Maybe look for different materials like barite.
    5. replace aluminum beampipe parts with Tantalum beam pipes right after target region to act as a collimator for low scattering background.
  3. Storage requirements for simulation in ifarm
    1. more storage available for a-parity but currently used by CREX and PREX
    2. We will make an estimate and request that ifarm space from Jlab
  4. Other issues:
    1. Ifarm job submission issues popping up probably due to geometry issues Cameron is trying to debug it.

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