Simulation Meeting February 13 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakib, Chandan


Attendance: Rakitha, Chandan, KK, Sakib, Dustin, Kent, Cameron


  • JLab provided new segmented design and Sakib looked at so far no major changes from the original segmented field map.

Detector Tiling will be different going from hybrid to segmented design

    • Next task is the complete this in next two weeks
    • Expect Transverse size will not affect, radial changes,
    • For physics can be done with both? if so engineers will decide Segment vs Hybrid.
  • Beam background simulation:
    • Sakib - Putting shower-max arrays making sure parameters are correct
    • Then we start the high statistic simulation with the hybrid design
    • It will take about a week get results
    • Dustin - make the shower-max arrays same radial reach of main detectors
  • Beam pipe design from Dave Kashy Sakib wants to make sure new changes are incorporated
    • current design based on CDR (Dec-19) design and Dave makes changes to it. The beam pipe is staggered all the way to the end of the hall.
    • We need to incorporate new changes
    • KK suggested using the current design for our background design
  • Sakib, Cip and KK will talk about what to put as the beam dump.
  • Discussion about DS SAM detectors.
    • The PMT hiding behind the Collimator shadow to avoid the photon background outer edge
    • Also the possibility of putting a lead collar in front of the SAMs
    • Idea about putting 7 SAMs or 14 SAMs. - KK
    • Also discussed utilizing the MOLLER scanner to map the photon outer edge - KK
  • Follow-up for the line of sight photon from before col-1 increase at the detector plane. Chandan investigating why photon background increased.
    • It appears the low energy electron from the target escape out due to the fringe field. Not the line of sight photons. the Photons are created by some secondary process DS. Chandan will discuss this with KK to get feedback
  • Steve asked about target scattering chamber radiation load for the new design. Forwarded the question to Silvu and based on his input we can provide estimates. KK will talk to Silviu when he meets him later next week.

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