Simulation Meeting December 7 2021 11AM ET

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  1. Shielding around the PSBunker region - Vassu Doomra
  2. Target shielding update: Zuhal Demiroglu docDB824
  3. Update of develop: Ciprian Gal docDB823
  4. Updated Collimator 1: Chandan Ghosh docDB819



  1. Shielding around the Power Supply Bunker region - Vassu Doomra
    1. showed the PID energy spectra on this region
    2. There is reconfiguration still ongoing by jlab engineering group.
  2. Target shielding update: Zuhal Demiroglu
    1. Now in configuration 20: roof of target and upstream torus is changed to barite and no bottom concrete in the DS of the target bunker
    2. see a reduction in PID except EM bkg goes up by 4% (small) going into the Config 19 to config 20
    3. removing the bottom concrete does not seem to affect the particle going to DS region
    4. will move forward with this config 20 design
    5. Showed the CAD diagram to confirm the config 20 changes proposed
  3. Update of develop: Ciprian Gal
    1. changes proposing for the develop from shielding sides
    2. add Chandan's collimator changes and remove unwanted geometries
    3. will arrange a meeting this week to finalize this
  4. Updated Collimator 1: Chandan Ghosh
    1. tweaks to water channel for cooling then could potential increase bkg due to the line of sight of col-1 US edge, therefore, shortened the col-1 length
    2. this removed the line of sight issue (no one bounce photon tracks)
    3. there is an increase of bkg coming thru the bore of the col-1 with new design that may need to tweak col-5 and 6 to block these background
    4. where do we keep the sieve Chandan will follow up with JLab engineers

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