Simulation Meeting December 6 2018 2PM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Simulation software updates
    • Hit.edep/Sum.edep variables may need some careful attention to ensure their logic and implementation are sound - issue 169
    • End-Of-Life ROOT 5.34/36 support - the next release will not support ROOT 5, meaning you need an updated GCC and C++ compilers (JLab ifarm and SBU mocha easily accommodate)
    • Optical physics in remoll does not include all of the processes that qsim uses - probably an easy fix - issue 170 (needed for simulating MOLLER light guide tests at SLAC next week)
    • Boundary hits detectors do not work as advertised for particles generated within their volume (i.e. Deltas which don't cross into the boundary but are born inside) - issue 168
    • New analysis folder compilation scheme simplifies the new search and inclusion in user-constructed analysis codes
      • Compile by making a build directory inside /analysis/ and doing the same procedure as before:
cmake ..; make; make install
  • Air/Vacuum/He study
  • Sky-shine update
  • 2 bounce code - Cameron (can't present due to travel) - Slides
  • Detector numbering scheme - Cameron and Sakib - Slides
  • Geometry updates - Cameron
    • Made new and significantly more precise moller envelopes with the recent simulation updates
    • Used this to define correctly the collimator 4 sculpt (committed and included in _merged.gdml and _acceptanceDefinition_includeCol4.gdml geometry files)
  • Spectrometer Simulation Update - Sakib
    • Hybrid Segmentation Studies [2]
    • Spectrometer Studies [3]


Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Wouter, Ciprian, KK, Kent


  • Detector nomenclature by Sakib: two options presented but we need positive numbers for detectors. Converge with Cameron's scheme and present it in the next meeting.
  • Hybrid segmentation studies by Sakib: Comparison of Moller and background rates for different magnet magnetic maps.
  • Sensitivity studies: study how much spec. coils can deviate from their default position. Output files archived in a place so in future we can access.
  • Move the full apparatus by the offset upstream so that 6.02 m wrt to the hall center. Then follow-up with Robin, Al Gavalia and Jay and Javier (for Beam-line) to get exact coordinates. Ciprian will follow-up. Cameron will update the new location and develop branch will be updated very soon.
  • Col-1 does not need to be conscripted. There the upstream coils were misplaced in the CAD - Follow up with Cameron
  • Col-4 will be kept at the new place where it is located now but needs to be re sculpt - Follow up with Cameron

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