Simulation Meeting December 1 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Downstream two bounce shield pipe slides - Chandan
  2. Transmission studies of Barite Concrete slides - Chandan
  3. Target shielding update, a summary - Ciprian docDB653v3
  4. SAM impact on radiation: Vassu docDB658

Will go over these next week:

  1. Boundary dose impact of 2m diameter hole in the shielding above target chamber: Weibin docDB657
  2. Impact of removing upstream wall on radiation upstream of the target: Sakib docDB656


Rakitha B , vassu doomra, Mark L. Pitt, Ruben, Chandan Ghosh, Juliette Mammei, Ciprian Gal,David Kashy, Elham Gorgannejad, Dustin McNulty, Kent Paschke, Devi Adhikari, Jim Fast, Krishna Kumar, Sandesh Gopinath, Weibin, Wouter Deconinck, sakib, seehrar, , nazanin roshanshah, Michael Gericke


  1. Downstream two bounce shield pipe slides - Chandan
    1. we have to extend the US section of the pipe until Col-4 then remove DS shield completely.
    2. Two bounce code now as all the coils included now.
  2. Transmission studies of Barite Concrete slides - Chandan
    1. possibility to replace lead concrete with Barite concrete for suppressing gamma and resonances for neutron capture at 1 MeV region.
    2. Using PID energy spectrum at the target region to studey Barite concrete
    3. looked at suppression of particle fluence and suppression of energy for each particle specie
    4. what's the goal in our suppression. We look at the detector area and site boundary. Ciprian will get some numbers out for these.
    5. Generally Barite Concrete about 10-20% more thickness to get the same suppression as current target shielding. But we can replace the lead which is a hazzard.
    6. At the moment our current shielding is overestimated. Ciprian will find our goal to reach and we can reduce these current shielding to reach a less suppression when determined from detector area and site boundary.
  3. Target shielding update - Ciprian
    1. shielding strategy and first look at data and listed the questions we are looking to answer: what are the radiation levels around the target?
    2. Silviu is interested in total ionization radiation does around the target on Viton. Ciprian estimated about 4kRad over the entire life of the experiment.
    3. Engineers were not sure why Silviu require tungsten and Viton. Follow up with Silviu
    4. Can we have a 2 m diameter hole on the top of the shielding?
    5. We see about 1.4 factor increase in overall for high energy neutron
    6. Two questions we also trying to answer: Can we replace the lead wall with concrete? Can we remove target shielding US of the target?
    7. See summary of to-dos we need at the target area for shielding
  4. SAM impact on radiation: Vassu
    1. The increase in radiation at the detector region is negiligiable due to addition of SAM setup.
    2. There was a discussion about at what radii SAM and scanner to be placed. This will be followed up when KK is around.

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